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          ● 匹配上柴高压共轨发动机,动力储备大,经济效益高。
          ● 可选装多态变频开关,不同工况对应不同动力,满足省油增效的要求。
          ● 配备底盘散热系统,控制油温,延长轴承,齿轮,油封等关键零部件寿命。
          ● 加强型G系列底盘,承载大,性能可靠稳定。
          ● 液压系统独立油路,清洁度高,故障率低。
          ● 进口离合器,传递能力高,效果可靠。
          ● 采用4×(1+1)×4组成式变速箱,16F+16R档位,同步器换挡,换挡速度快,效率高。
          ● 配备320L大容量柴油箱,持续作业时间长,效率高。
          ● 立式双油缸强压入土提升器,提升力大,作业适应性好。
          ● 可选配倒车影像,北斗自动驾驶系统,准备控制转向,有效起到走直线效果
          ● 密封驾驶室,全包豪华内饰,标配空调,宽敞舒适,视野好。
          ● 全液压转向系统,方向盘前后可调节,降低驾驶室疲劳。
          ● 液压助力离合操作系统,操作舒适轻便。
          ● 选配电液提升系统,降低工作强度。
          ● The SHANGCHAI high-pressure common-rail engine is equipped leads a large power reserve and high economic benefits.
          ●Optional multi-state variable frequency switch is offered for corresponding different power to various working conditions, moreover meeting the requirements of fuel-saving and efficiency.
          ●Chassis cooling system is equipped to effectively control the oil temperature and extend the service life of key components such as bearings, gears, oil seals, etc.
          ●The G series reinforced chassis with large bearing capacity gives reliable and stable performance.
          ● Independent oil circuit of hydraulic system ensure high cleanliness and low failure rate for it.
          ●The imported clutch discs present reliable transmission performance.
          ● It is adopted 4×(1+1)× 4 composition gearbox with 16F+16R gear. Synchronizer shift offer fast shift speed and high efficiency.
          ● A 320L large-capacity diesel tank is equipped to satisfy long-term continuous operation need efficiently.
          ● Double vertical oil cylinders with pressure transfer system lifter support large lifting force and good operation adaptability.
          ● Optional backup camera and BeiDou auto drive system are offered to control the steering, moreover playing a effective work of keeping straight line.
          ● Sealed cab with all-inclusive luxury interior is spacious and comfortable, meanwhile have a clear operative field.
          ● Fully hydraulic steering system with front-rear adjustable steering wheel reduce driving fatigue.
          ● Hydraulic power-assisted clutch operating system makes operation comfortable and easy.
          ● Electro-hydraulic lifting system is offered as option to reduce the working intensity.
          型号Tractor Model  LTG-2404
          驱动方式Drive Type  4×4
          外形尺寸 长×宽×高Overall Dimension L×W×H(mm)  5685x2470x3220
          轴距Wheel base(mm) 2840
          前轮轮距Front wheel tread(mm) 2030
          后轮轮距Rear wheel tread(mm) 1900
          最小使用质量Min. operating weight (KG) 6210
          变速箱挡数(前进+后退)Gearbox gears number 16F+16R
          发动机Engine 额定功率Rated power (Kw) 177
          额定转速Rated speed (r/min) 2200
          轮胎型号Tires spec. 前轮Front tires 16.9-28
          后轮Rear tires 20.8-38
          转向方式Steering Type 全液压前轮转向Full hydraulic front wheels steering
          最大提升力Max. lifting force( KN ) 38.88
          动力输出PTO 形式Type 后置、独立式Rear-mounted, Independent type
          转速Speed (r/min)  540/1000pto
          功率Power(Kw)  129.6
          耕深控制方式Control type of ploughing depth 高度控制、浮动控制Height control & flotation control