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          ● 匹配东方红发动机,动力储备大,油耗低,经济效益高。
          ● 可选装多态变频开关
          ● 进口高强度粉末冶金材料离合器片,传递能力高,效果可靠。
          ● 可汉字显示故障的组合仪表,方便用户随时监控整车状态。
          ● 配备KA预滤器和唐纳森空滤器,过滤效果好,维护方便。
          ● 立式双油缸强压入土提升器,提升力大,作业适应性好。
          ● 液压系统独立油路,清洁度高,故障率低。
          ● 成熟稳定的前驱动桥,传递扭矩大。
          ● 采用(3+1)×2组成式变速箱,24F+8R档位,速度匹配合理,操纵方便舒适。
          ● 配备200L大容量柴油箱,持续作业时间长,效率高。
          ● 双油缸强压入土提升器,提升力大,作业适应性好。
          ● 全液压转向系统,驾驶轻便灵活。

          ● The DongFangHong series engine equipped leads a large power reserve, low fuel consumption and high economic benefits.
          ● Optional multi-state variable frequency switch is offered.
          ●The imported high-strength powder metallurgy material is used for clutch disc with reliable transmission performance.
          ● Combined dashboards displaying faults in Chinese are convenient for users to monitor the whole tractor condition at any time.
          ●The KleanAire prefilter and the Donaldson air filter are installed with good filtering effect and convenient maintenance.
          ● Double vertical oil cylinders with pressure transfer system lifter support large lifting force and good operation adaptability.
          ● Independent oil circuit of hydraulic system ensure high cleanliness and low failure rate for it.
          ● Mature and stable front drive axle with large Transmitted torque.
          ● (3+1) × 2 composition transmission gives reasonable speed matching with 24F+8R gear showing convenient and comfortable operation.
          ● A 200L large-capacity diesel tank is equipped to satisfy long-term continuous operation need efficiently.
          ● Fully hydraulic steering system leads easy and flexible drive.
          型号Tractor Model  LT1804-6
          驱动方式Drive Type  4×4
          外形尺寸 长×宽×高Overall Dimension L×W×H(mm)  4805x2170x3000
          轴距Wheel base(mm) 2540
          前轮轮距Front wheel tread(mm) 1842
          后轮轮距Rear wheel tread(mm) 1616
          最小离地间隙Min. ground clearance(mm) 480
          最小使用质量Min. operating weight (KG) 5800
          变速箱挡数(前进+后退)Gearbox gears number 24F+8R
          发动机Engine 型号Model LR6A3LR22/1324
          额定功率Rated power (Kw) 132.4
          额定转速Rated speed (r/min) 2200
          轮胎型号Tires spec. 前轮Front tires 14.9-26
          后轮Rear tires 16.9-38
          转向方式Steering Type 全液压前轮转向Full hydraulic front wheels steering
          动力输出PTO 形式Type 后置、独立式Rear-mounted, Independent type
          转速Speed (r/min)  760/85pto
          功率Power(Kw)  89.7
          耕深控制方式Control type of ploughing depth 高度控制、浮动控制Height control & flotation control