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          LTC2020H Hydraulic double drum vibratory roller , is applicable for maintenance of municipal roads and Groove compaction, as well as the compaction of the building construction, stadium and other industrial sites.


          Full hydraulic double wheel drive, using international famous manufacturers hydraulic pump motor, single wheel vibration, hydraulic steering, with reliable performance and the best cost performance;
          Variable speed, one lever control can control the vehicle forward, backward, fast, slow, parking, easy to operate;
          The front and rear wheels are equipped with mud scraping device and sprinkler system, one machine can be more than one;
          LTC2020H Using yoma 3tnv76-c engine, strong power, stable and reliable;,reliable and durable;
          Joystick braking and parking braking, two sets of braking devices, safe and reliable;
          The whole structure is compact, the turning radius is small, the climbing ability is strong, the mobility is flexible, the safety is reliable.

          Main Performance Parameters





          工作质量 Operating mass kg 2000
          静线压力(前/后) Static linear load N/cm  
          振幅 Vibration frequency mm 0.5
          激振力 Centrifugal force KN 27
          振动频率 Vibration frequency kz 50
          行走速度 Travel speed Km/h 0-6
          爬坡能力 Grade ability % 30
          转向角度 Steering angle 。 +28
          外形尺寸(长*宽*高) Overall dimension mm 2315*1060*2445
          振动轮直径 Drum diameter mm  
          振动轮宽度 Drum width mm 900
          轴距 Wheelbase mm 1565
          柴油机功率 Diesel power Kw 18.6
          柴油机型号 Diesel model   3TNV76
          洒水箱容量 Water tank capacity L